People of ENCompass: Nathan Kudlapur


What’s your major and year?

Biochemistry; current 2nd year

How long have you been a member of ENCompass?

I’ve been a member of ENCompass since Fall semester 2017

What is a public health issue that you are passionate about?

I’m passionate about access to healthcare & education

In what way has ENCompass impacted you?

ENCompass has enlightened me about the health disparities within my community and inspired me to take action to address them

Are you involved in any other organizations? If so, what are they?

H2O Church. I’m also a volunteer at the James Cancer Hospital

What are your future plans?

I plan to go to medical school

What’s your favorite quote?

“Every second is an opportunity—an opportunity to learn, an opportunity to serve, an opportunity to love, and an opportunity to grow.”

Interesting fact about you?

I love exploring national parks!