Blog Post - Caroline Tritt

ENCompass is all about empowering the neighborhoods of Columbus, but this is about those who empower Encompass. Today is all about Caroline Tritt. She is someone who empowers those around her and wants to make a difference in this world. Caroline is a Senior double majoring in Psychology and Strategic Communications with a minor in Global Public Health from Western Springs, IL. But it doesn’t stop there, she is someone who has high hopes and dreams for her career plan. After graduation, she plans to gain work experience in the field of public health before returning to graduate school to pursue a dual degree in public health and social work. That is not all. Caroline has broad interests that include working with refugees, helping to combat issues of human trafficking and addressing issues of malnutrition and food insecurity. ENCompass is just the beginning of how she is going to make a difference in this world. Caroline joined ENCompass after a couple of years at Ohio State. These are her words of why she wanted to join ENCompass, “I began to realize that I was fascinated by the field of public health and strongly believe that there needs to be a lot more work and emphasis on addressing the root causes of poor health such as poor nutrition, housing, and education.  I joined UNICEF as a freshman and learned how the social, political, economic, and physical environment can have tremendous impacts on health. I want to help advocate for underserved populations, children, and those struggling to navigate the complex healthcare system that currently focuses on disease instead of health promotion and prevention. I decided to pick up a public health minor after listening to Rebecca Onie’s “What if our healthcare system kept us healthy” Ted Talk in Dr. Acton’s Intro to Global Public Health class.  I knew that ENCompass would be a perfect way for me to begin helping to address these underlying issues in the Columbus community.” Caroline is someone has been an active volunteer with ENCompass for about a year and a half now. Currently she is working with Nationwide Children’s Hospital to create a partnership at their Westside Primary Care Center location. She is all about growing to help the community any way she can. Her success story happened while she was volunteering at the University Hospital East’s Total Health & Wellness clinic. Caroline has been able to assist clients with finding food pantries, utility assistance, home repair services, furniture, eyeglasses, and affordable transportation methods.  It is interesting to her that many clients are surprised when ENCompass volunteers are there, in the clinic waiting room, to help find them basic resources for free. To Caroline, It’s rewarding to hear that the resources she has recommended have been helpful during a follow up call two weeks after a consultation.  ENCompass is always taking on new projects and initiatives to better serve the Columbus community including transportation research, Photo Voice projects, and cooking demonstrations, which are only a few reasons of many of why she loves ENCompass.